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Cookies are significant in storing your preferences at Cash Loans Online Today. We offer you round the clock services and are happy to assist you anytime in a day. Through cookies we understand your preferences and this in turn helps us to improve our services for you in best possible way. Saving your preferences on our website helps us to recognize, whenever you visit our website again.

Any further usage of our site will be considered as your acceptance to our cookie policy. However, if you do not agree to it you can change or modify the cookie preferences or even refuse cookies. But by disabling some cookies you may not be able to enjoy the full usage of our site.

Cookies are generally small text files that are downloaded automatically on your computer during internet browsing. Cookies do not download any unnecessary software programs. Cookies do not even store any passwords, personal details or any other confidential details. This makes the usage of cookies completely safe.

There are mainly two kinds of cookies that are widely found in every website. Such cookies are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookie is a kind of temporary cookies and gets deleted as soon as you exit the browser. Whereas, persistent cookies are permanent and stays long after you have exit the browser. They can only be deleted manually from your computer.

There are other cookies like first party and third party cookies. The first party cookies are only set by the domain and works only when you visit the same site. While, the third party cookies are set by a third person other than the owner. Such third parties can be advertising agencies that place ads on our sites. You can also find functionality cookies for personalized experience and advertising cookies for targeted advertisements.

At Cash Loans Online Today, cookies have various purpose and uses. They keep a count on the number of visitors on our site and how many of them have enrolled for our services. All these cookies help us in keeping a track of your detailed information.

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